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Free Energy is an investment company implementing projects in renewable energy in Ukraine. The main activity of the company is the development, construction and operation of power plants using renewable energy sources.


“Free Energy” focuses on development and construction of small hydroelectric power plants (micro, mini and small) in Ukraine from 100 kW to 10 MW. Our investment strategy is long-term, so the business cycle we use includes: development, construction, commissioning and further maintenance of the facility.


We maintain partnerships with engineering companies and research institutes, with legal and financial companies with special equipment manufacturers and engineering companies.

Sustainable development and energy investments

Free Energy is an investment company implementing projects in the area of renewable energy on Ukrainian territory. The company’s main focus is development, construction and operation of power plants that utilize renewable energy.

Today the priority of Free Energy is construction of small hydropower plants capacity from 100 kW to 10 MW. Over the next 3-5 years the company plans to build and put into operation a number of small hydropower plants with total capacity of 10-12 MW.

In the development of power projects from renewable energy OUR company conducts the following activities:

1Search and allotment of land for construction of renewable energy.
2Designing plants, obtaining permits and technical documentation.
3Construction and commissioning of electrical connection.
4Electrical connection.
5Commissioning and obtaining "green tariff".

Energy storage systems

Free Energy cooperates with South Korean companies that are recognized leaders in the manufacture of a wide range of storage batteries, from industrial electrical storage systems (ESS) to private batteries.

Solar and bioenergy

Free Energy is also interested in other renewable energy projects such as solar and bioenergy. For solar power plants (SES), the "green tariff" was reduced in 2014, but we are exploring opportunities for investing in SES projects.

Wind power

Wind power industry in Ukraine is an attractive destination for investors from EU countries. Free Energy Company is considering developing a project for a wind farm in one of the southern or western regions of Ukraine.

Small hydropower

The priority direction of the company's activity is the construction of a power plant (micro, mini or small) with a capacity of 100 kW to 10 MW. The company develops in Zhytomyr region six projects of the MES with a total capacity of 3 MW and conducts preparatory work in other regions of Ukraine.

Free Energy supports partnerships with engineering companies and research institutes, with legal, financial and consulting companies, enterprises that manufacture hydraulic and special equipment, is a member of the branch of the NGO Association “Ukrhуdroenеrgo”.


Free Energy Company is open to participation in various projects related to renewable energy, the development of innovative clean technologies, energy efficiency and energy saving, etc.

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