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20.01 2017

The Energy Strategy of Ukraine was presented to the Council in 2035

On January 18, Free Energy took part in the presentation of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035, which took place in the conference hall of the Verkhovna Rada.

On January 18, Director Anatoliy Nikolaichuk, Director of Strategy and Development of Free Energy took part in the presentation of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2035: “Security, Energy Efficiency, Competitiveness” held at the conference hall of the Verkhovna Rada.

The presentation and discussion of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine project by 2035 was held within the framework of the joint meeting of the Fuel and Energy Complex and Nuclear Safety Committee, together with the Ministry of Energy. With the participation of specialized sectoral organizations, experts and representatives of energy business.

The meeting was opened by Alexander Dombrovsky, Chairman of the Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety. The parliamentarian stressed that the strategy is not a dogma, it does not record all the indicators of energy consumption, but the document contains key indicators, which should be the energy system of Ukraine until 2035.

“Ukraine needs an Energy Strategy, because its global goal is to ensure the energy independence of our state,” said Oleksandr Dombrovsky.

He noted that when discussing the Energy Strategy, it is necessary to pay attention to three important factors: energy efficiency, provision of state energy resources and development of renewable energy. In the field of RES in the words of the People’s Deputy “a lot to do.” The development of renewable energy should go hand in hand with the development of a balanced energy grid model, the introduction of intelligent grid and other advanced technologies.

“The European Union is now introducing the philosophy of a smart consumer who has modern energy technologies. This philosophy can change the concept of energy security and energy development of Ukraine “, – said Dombrovsky.

The Energy Strategy Project by 2035 was presented by Oleksandr Sukhodoley (National Institute for Strategic Studies) and Volodymyr Omelchenko (O. Razumkov Center).

Ministry of Energy and Coal Coalition with the National Institute for Strategic Studies and the Center for O. Razumkov developed Energostrategiya by 2035 on the basis of the projects “New Energy Strategy of Ukraine until 2020: Security, Energy Efficiency, Competition” and the White Paper of the Energy Policy of Ukraine “Safety and Competitiveness”.

Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Kystion emphasized that the draft Energy Strategy should be improved in the light of the results of public discussions. At the same time, he noted that the Energy Strategy should not be of a sectoral nature, but should be a state-funded document. The strategy should take into account the recent developments in Ukraine: the development of energy-saving technologies, energy efficiency, as well as the commitments undertaken by Ukraine in the framework of European integration processes to increase the share of renewable energy.