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01.10 2018

Free Energy is implementing the project of a HPP in Sholomky village

Photo: Free Enegy has developed the explanatory stands for the residents of Sholomky village and told about their plans on the HPP construction to the local media.

In the course of the MHPP (mikro hydropower plant) project implementation, representatives of the local community offered to keep a number of events in order to inform residents about the project features and the benefits of small hydropower. Unfortunately, not all the local residents are aware of small hydropower plants and the positive aspects of using the small hydropower.

It is planned to build MHPP in Sholomky village with the capacity up to 200 kW on the existing hydraulic structure (dam). The company has developed the explanatory stands for the residents of Sholomky and told about their plans to the local media.

The community was informed that the MHPP construction would not affect the level of water in the water storage reservoir, and would not impede traffic through the dam, even in the period of its capital repair.

In addition, the MHPP construction has social benefits that the local residents should be aware of

Benefits caused by the small-scale HPP construction:

•            Additional source of ecologically pure energy

•            Investments

•            Additional jobs

•            The local budget contributions

•            Capital repair of the dam

•            Lighting of the adjacent territory

•            Stocking the water storage reservoir with fish

•            Social support to the community