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05.10 2018


Free Energy Company participated in the Third All-Ukrainian Energy Engineers Workshop held on November 9 at the International Exhibition Center

Free Energy Company participated in the III Ukrainian Energy Engineers Workshop on 9 November at the International Exhibition Center

Within the framework of the seminar the discussion “New technologies and technical solutions in electric power industry” took place. Many experts have drawn the attention of the audience that in the coming years we expect revolutionary changes in the power industry, in particular in the relations with the consumer.

Experts and moderators of the seminar spoke about the revolutionary changes by experienced experts in the energy sector: Yuri Bondarenko, General Director of “NTK EnpaSelectro” Ltd.; Sergey Ermilov, Director of the problems Environment and Energy, Sergei Titenko independent expert, ex-chairman of the NERC

The market for electricity distribution is inherently conservative, which tends to be monopoly around the world, but today it has begun to change significantly. In safe countries, where a reliable energy system is created and significant RES capacities (renewable energy sources) are in operation, the concept of peak loads gradually disappears.

This is observed, for example, in Switzerland. The high level of RES distribution in the segment of households, municipalities, small and medium-sized businesses has changed the structure of electricity consumption in Switzerland. Individuals and enterprises with RES are wise to use the possibilities of energy accumulation systems – accumulate at night, and disconnected from the grid during peak periods. As a result, the concept of “peak” disappears, but the market itself is changing. Now the consumer dictates the rules of the game, not the big distribution companies.

This trend is observed all over the world, and the transition to a new model of the distribution market of electricity awaits Ukraine. In the energy system of the near future, the use of RES and electric vehicles will change the structure of demand and distribution of electricity in the electricity grids.

“Imagine that you are looking at the luminous evening Kiev, but most of the buildings in the city are already receiving energy from either the CHP but from its own renewable sources. How will we regulate such a system? This is a question that you should think today. We are moving from the stage of electricity distribution to its regulation “, – said Yuri Bondarenko.

In the new model, one of the main strategic issues for maintaining the normal operation of the power grids is the system of energy conservation (rechargeable batteries) and smart use (Smart-Gird system). Today, work is underway to introduce Smart-Gird systems into the power grid of Ukraine, and the creation of modern energy conservation systems (ESS) is an issue that will sharply arise in the next year or two.

Thus, in a report by the representative of PJSC Khmelnytskoblenergo Alexander Shpak, “Problematic Issues of Modernization of Distribution Networks”, an example of one of the advanced energy accumulation systems of the South Korean company Kokam was given. Mr. Shpak emphasized that Khmelnytskoblenergo already needs to implement such a system of energy conservation. This will provide great opportunities for regulating the electricity grid, and optimizing the use of electricity.

In the speeches of the representative of the Ukrenergo Yaroslava Bovkun and Yuriy Lositsky, an expert of the UNC CIGRE, it was noted that the costs in the Ukrainian electricity distribution grids are on average twice as high as in the EU countries. The main reason is the high level of wear and tear of consumer electri- city (up to 70%), especially in rural areas. Therefore, now Ukraine faces an urgent and ambitious task, to begin a systemic transition to a new format of distribution consumer and main electrical grids (at 20kV).

Regarding the transition to a new format of power grids in the environment of experts, there are different approaches. The discussion was held in bulk, different thoughts were expressed. From the position that the switchover on the 20kV network should happen immediately, because Ukraine is waiting for a blackout, thinking that this transition is premature. A significant majority of experts advocated the speedy transition to a new format of distribution networks of 20kV.

Despite the different views of specialists on approaches to modernizing the Ukrainian electricity grids, all, even the most conservative speakers, noted that without the introduction of energy conservation systems (ESS) and Smart-Gird systems, the development of modern power grids is virtually impossible.