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Small Hydro Power Plants

The main focus area of Free Energy is the development of hydro power plants (micro, mini or small ones) with the power capacity of 100 kW to 10 MW. Over the next 3-5 years, the company plans to construct and commission a number of small hydropower plants with the total power capacity of 10-12 MW.

In 2016, Svobodna Energyia LLC, a subsidiary of Free Energy, plans to commence the construction of two small hydropower plants in Zhytomyr region: in Rudnia-Horodyshche village and Korostyshiv city. Overall, the company is actively developing five hydropower plant projects in Zhytomyr region with power capacity ranging from 100 kW to 2 MW.

In addition, we are doing preparatory work in other regions of Ukraine: we analyze the small hydropower potential of the regions, seek consultations from designated organizations and experts, build relations with local authorities.

We commence a project by researching the hydrotechnical potential of a region, where the construction of a small or mini hydropower plant is possible. We analyze open source data, as well as conduct our own research and measurements. After identifying locations that are attractive for the construction of the small hydropower plant, we analyze the possibilities of connecting them to the join power grid, as well as the availability of a land plot.

Our team of engineers and experts in the fields of land law, urban planning and environment focuses on the search of optimal solutions for project development. Economic feasibility and efficiency both for the company and the local community, environmental friendliness are the main criteria in the making decisions on the development of the small hydropower plant projects.

In the process of implementation of our projects, we scrutinize all matters related to the environment preservation and protection. Project design documentation for construction of the power plant is drawn up in complete conformity with the effective environmental protection legislation.