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Download e-book for kindle: A Life of Ernest Starling (People and Ideas Series) by John Henderson

By John Henderson

ISBN-10: 0195177800

ISBN-13: 9780195177800

Ernest Starling (1866-1927) was once pre-eminent within the golden age of British body structure. His identify is generally linked to his "Law of the Heart," yet his discovery of secretin (the first hormone whose mode of motion was once defined) and his paintings on capillaries have been extra vital contributions. He coined the observe 'hormone' 100 years in the past. His research of capillary functionality proven that equivalent and contrary forces circulation around the capillary wall--an outward (hydrostatic) strength and an inward (osmotic) strength derived from plasma proteins. Starling's contributions include:*Developing the "Frank-Starling legislation of the Heart," awarded in 1915 and transformed in 1919.*The Starling equation, describing fluid shifts within the physique (1896) *The discovery of secretin, the 1st hormone, with Bayliss (1902) and the creation of the concept that of hormones (1905).

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Wellcome Library, London, with permission) Wadham College. " His son, Leonard, writes that his fatherly air was heightened by a bushy beard, for throughout his life William never shaved. He obtained a first class degree and returned to University College London in 1888, becoming "assistant" in the physiology department, under Schafer. He stayed at UCL for the rest of his life. There was virtually no accommodation at the college at the time, and William lived at home. Travelling to work involved a long walk across the heath to Hampstead, and then a horse-bus to within a few minutes' walk of the college.

Unfortunately they weren't. Most of their results r e p e a t e d the findings of the exotically n a m e d Augustus Desire Waller (1856-1922). Waller h a d g r a d u a t e d in m e d i c i n e from A b e r d e e n a n d was p e r s u a d e d to go into research by Sharpey. After research in Germany, h e came back to work with B u r d o n Sanderson at University College, a n d t h e n b e c a m e a lecturer at St. Mary's Hospital. H e achieved a n u n u s u a l d e g r e e of 26 A Life of Ernest Starling financial independence for his research by marrying Alice Palmer, a biscuit heiress.

After the wedding they moved to 14, Grosvenor Road, Westminster, which was probably the most prestigious address that Ernest had had for a Hearts and Capillaries 29 l o n g time. T h e y s p e n t t h e s u m m e r of 1892 in Breslau (now Wroclaw in P o l a n d ) , w h e r e Ernest was working with the professor of physiology, Rudolf H e i d e n h a i n . T h e i r subject was t h e formation of lymph, a topic in which Ernest's interest h a d probably b e e n stimulated by W o o l d r i d g e .

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