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Read e-book online Alchemy, the ancient science (A New library of the PDF

By Neil Powell

ISBN-10: 0385113234

ISBN-13: 9780385113236

Whereas dated--the quantity is a part of a suite at the occult released through Doubleday in 1976--the info contained inside is exact and well timed. additionally, the paintings comprises many beautiful illustrations/reproductions, making it a visually beautiful resource. i'd hugely suggest _Alchemy: the traditional Science_ to any newbie. Used, it is a actual worth and necessary to any alchemical/hermetic library.

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But, says Lang, Fulcanelli had grown younger, for whereas he had been an old man of 80 when Canseliet had first met him, 30 years later he appeared to be a man of 50. Says Louis Pauwels: "All that we know of him is that he survived the war and disappeared completely after the Liberation. " It is difficult to decide how deliberate these attempts to find Fulcanelli were. In August 1945 the American intelligence services asked Bergier to contact urgently a certain anonymous major who worked for an organization searching out German research reports on atomic energy.

The upper part, where the heated vapor condenses again, is the alembic. The receiver for the distilled liquid is the aludel. Often the liquid was refluxed so that after condensation in the top of the still, it ran back to be reheated without being collected in an aludel. Flasks in which this process was performed were Above: Arab symbolic figures and diagrams of stills (on the right) from a 12th-century Arab text on alchemy. In general the Arab alchemists were less secretive about their discoveries, and the Arab manuscripts are less shrouded in complicated symbolism than the later European alchemical works.

Willy-nilly it is put into the cauldron of hot fluid to the detriment of its feathers. Before half the time has passed, Dragons appear with rapidity and in great number. The five dazzling colors change incessantly. Turbulently boils the fluid in the furnace. One after another they appear to form an array as irregular as dogs' teeth. Stalagmites which are like midwinter icicles are spat out horizontally and vertically. Rocky heights of no apparent regularity make their appearance, supporting one another.

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