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By Nicholas Sekunda

ISBN-10: 1855327929

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Upon the assassination of his father King Philip II in the summertime of 336 BC - whereas planning for an invasion of Persia - Alexander took over the reigns of strength of a now united Greece. while he led his mixed Macedonian and Greek military into Asia a yr later he started the best occupation of army conquest in global background. In 11 brief years he overcame the may well of the Persian Empire and campaigned around the face of the identified international. during this blend of 2 of Osprey's so much profitable titles, Men-at-Arms 148 the military of Alexander the good and crusade 7 Alexander 334-323 BC: Conquest of the Persian Empire, eminent students of the Classical international - Nick Sekunda and John Warry - describe intimately the make up of Alexander's military, and the process his epic campaigns.

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With no retreat seeming likely from the Senussi, who held the high ground, the Alpattata and Alghus group began to retreat towards the north-west. The 14 IAIN BANKS Alpattata and Alghus group lost 14 dead, with others wounded. The Senussi made the mistake of abandoning their superior position, and appear to have rushed down the slopes and onto the saltpan to pursue the retreating men. However, as they came down onto the saltpan, they lost their cover and received heavy casualties: they may have lost as many as 90 men.

These cartridges are likely to represent Central Power supplies because one example (351) was manufactured in Germany in 1917, so it is likely to represent recent supplies from Turkey. The French 8 mm Lebel was a colonial issue and very common in North Africa at this time, so it was probably privately owned. One of the most striking aspects of the distribution of the munitions was the fact that the vast majority came from the saltpan. This lack of cartridges on the eastern ridge caused some disquiet, since this was where the much larger Senussi force is supposed to have been located, and for this reason every potential firing position was checked.

When the Italians invaded in 1911, the Senussi were the natural focus of resistance to the invaders in the east. Relations between the Senussi and the Ottomans had never been cordial; from the Ottoman perspective, the Senussi Order was a dangerous alternative power structure that had greater authority in Cyrenaica than the Pasha of Benghazi, while from the Senussi perspective, the Ottomans were secularists and nonobservant in their Mohammedanism. The Bedouin naturally looked to the Senussi to lead their resistance to the Italians, which was largely borne out by the actions of the Sublime Porte to the invasion: the initial reaction to the threat of invasion was to suggest that the Italians could have Libya without a fight.

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