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New PDF release: Android Security Internals

By Nikolay Elenkov

ISBN-10: 1593276419

ISBN-13: 9781593276416

In Android safeguard Internals, best Android defense specialist Nikolay Elenkov takes us less than the hood of the Android safety approach. Elenkov describes Android protection structure from the ground up, delving into the implementation of significant security-related elements and subsystems, like Binder IPC, permissions, cryptographic companies, and gadget administration.

You'll learn:

How Android permissions are declared, used, and enforced
How Android manages software applications and employs code signing to ensure their authenticity
How Android implements the Java Cryptography structure (JCA) and Java safe Socket Extension (JSSE) frameworks
About Android's credential garage procedure and APIs, which enable purposes shop cryptographic keys securely
About the web account administration framework and the way Google debts combine with Android
About the implementation of proven boot, disk encryption, lockscreen, and different equipment defense features
How Android's bootloader and restoration OS are used to accomplish complete approach updates, and the way to acquire root access

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