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By J. Fareed (auth.), Dr. Christian Doutremepuich (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461226686

ISBN-13: 9781461226680

ISBN-10: 1461276276

ISBN-13: 9781461276272

All scientific experts who needs to take care of the potential of thrombosis might be drawn to Anticoagulation. This publication evaluates anticoagulation methods from a number of issues of view - from present developments in Anti-thrombotic medicinal drugs, to therapy of Ischemic Vascular problems; from Anticoagulants in being pregnant, to Anticoagulation within the aged, from the results of Anticoagulant remedy at the middle, to Anticoagulation in a variety of surgeries. Anticoagulation is a source of ways to the administration of this universal scientific problem.

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